Leah MacMoire is that Irish mother. You know the kind. The one who embarrasses her son in public, saves up photos to make him cringe on his wedding day, and talks to anyone who will listen about his childhood miracles. And as an Irish mother she knows that all problems can be solved with judicious application of tea; if the problem is bad enough, cake is often prescribed.

She is also a dog woman, a cat woman, and an incurable hugger of trees.

When she is not being a harmless hippy or embarrassing Mom  she is an avid historian and story teller. A graduate of Oxford, her research into the lives of the Irish saints has led her to peel away the myths, and find the lives of the real men and women concerned. She hopes to give them voices, so that their courage and faith, failures and successes can be shared in the modern world.

Her first historical novel is ‘Patrick,’ about (not surprisingly given the title) the early life of St Patrick. Kidnapped as a teenager and sold into slavery, his is a remarkable story of suffering, endurance, and ultimately forgiveness.

‘Patrick’ on amazon.

Future volumes on the lives of Patrick and other saints will be published at least once a year, as well as short stories, and historical discussions. Watch this space for further updates.

All feedback welcome!