No, I’m not saying that you glide through exalted and aristocratic realms (though who knows, maybe you do) I’m simply addressing fellow fans of St Patrick. Did you know that students of the Patron Saint of Ireland go by the illustrious title ‘Patrician Scholars?’ Seems apt, really, given that Ireland remains the land of Saints and Scholars, and we are all, allegedly, descended from kings.

So, here it is –  a place for all of us Patricians to congregate, and share our enthusiasm for the historical figure of Patrick. He did not, unfortunately, stride around the Irish countryside banishing snakes and looking like Gandalf (though he did have a bishop’s crook, and he did walk the length and breadth of Ireland in his bare feet). He didn’t even wear green – though he probably looked good in blue. (The actual colour of his robes – true fact!)

What Patrick did do was overcome huge personal trauma, and forgive the people who had kidnapped him, and sold him into slavery. He came back to Ireland, at risk of his own life, (runaway slaves were subject to the death penalty) to do what he could to save his previous abusers.

Anyone want to find out more? Well, the first novel in my series about the Irish Saints is now out, and it is about – yes, you guessed it – the first and possibly greatest of them – our man Patrick. It’s the story of what happens to a privileged and somewhat arrogant rich boy who is kidnapped and sold as a slave. Let’s just say – culture shock doesn’t even cover it. He isn’t so much thrown into the deep end as nearly drowned in it.

Patrick (on amazon, for e-readers.)

Patrick (paperback.)

But anyway – Patrick! Ireland’s first super hero. (Seriously, his back story is better than Batman’s or Wolverine’s. And it’s true.)